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Hello, my name is Dino Urbani, UCS Founder and Master Instructor

My career in reality based self defense began nearly 30 years ago.

At a very young age, I started boxing lessons and wrestling in school. I have always been involved in some kind of sport; hockey, football and soccer. UCS embodies my core values, my character and my way of life.  I like things to be organized, to the point and to have integrity.  I saw a need to to get back to the real reason for training; to learn concepts that would actually work in a real situation and to reap the results of being confident, physically fit, more relaxed and focused.

I also saw an opportunity to reach my goals and help others reach theirs by teaching what I know. Over the years I’ve developed hundreds of students to reach their true potential and some have become excellent instructors.

I will continue to work hard to ensure that my students receive the best training possible and that UCS continues to grow and evolve with new ideas and positive energy.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your training goals.

Thank you.



Our concepts and tactics are realistic and easy to learn and apply.  Students not only learn the tools needed to defend against any attacker, they learn the cerebral aspects of “street smart” self defense. Students learn how to assess and navigate through various realistic combat stress situations.

Everything that is learned in class is put to the test using scenarios with dialogue and varying degrees of physicality. This type of training helps students learn how to deal with combat stress and make sound decisions even though they feel the effects of fear and tension. From passive to full out aggressive, students safely learn how to handle situations using peaceful solutions and
de-escalation tactics rather than responding with violence right away.   However, that being said; this is not always possible.  Therefore we diligently prepare students by immersing them into every range of armed and unarmed combat training.


  • Punching/striking
  • Kicking
  • Close Quarters
  • Groundfighting
  • Edged, bludgeon and improvised weapons.
  • Speed training
  • Cultivation of energy and power

Our goal is to train each student one by one to become truly knowledgeable about fighting concepts. Become street-smart individuals and ultimately develop a strong unbeatable character.



My son and I have been training with Sifu Dino for close to 2 years at the time of writing.  Together, with Dino’s guidance, we have learned some excellent street-wise defensive skills and conflict avoidance strategies that are highly effective and “real”.  We’ve been taught to always be aware of our surroundings, how to anticipate potential conflicts and, most importantly, how to de-escalate and diffuse aggressors where possible and defend ourselves appropriately where necessary.  The various skills we are taught go way beyond other martial arts classes I’ve taken over the years; a true combination of classic self-defense techniques and street-wise “urban combat” moves, designed to instill confidence in ourselves to handle any situation that may arise.  If you never taken any self-defense training or want take your previous self-defense training to the next level, talk to Dino.    DS.


I can’t recommend Urban Combat Systems enough. Sifu Dino is the real deal. Not only will he teach you how to defend yourself, he’ll show you how to mitigate a situation, recognize the signs and psychology of an attacker and avoid bad situations. Walk out of his class and you’ll feel prepared for whatever you encounter. I remember a time where I could be easily bested in a verbal or physical altercation and I wouldn’t stand a chance. Now, I feel like I’d be better prepared.

The confidence you gain from Urban Combat Systems is helpful for non-violent situations as well, in the workplace and in daily life. Dino likes to refer to the classes as a lab, because you can safely experiment with techniques, overcome your fears and think like an attacker, so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The classes will push you to your limits, test your physical and mental strength and make you a much stronger person than you were before.      JS.



Dino Urbani is incredibly knowledgeable and his decades of teaching experience are evident in his personal training sessions. I’ve studied with Dino both in class and one-on-one and have gained confidence and skill in my ability to protect my self and the people I care about. I’ve also had fun doing it!   LB.